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I became a full-time astrologer in 2010 after many years in magazine, newspaper and internet journalism as editor and writer. Originally I trained to be a lawyer but fate had other ideas....


Astrology had interested me since my teens but not until I hit my 40s did I begin to study it seriously and think of it as a career. I had known the fabled media stargazer Patric Walker in younger years.


But it was the late and much-missed astrologer Henrietta Llewelyn Davies who encouraged me to think of astrology as something more than a hobby. In her day she had written astrology columns for Cosmopolitan and TV Times, and had even written a series of celebrity horoscopes for The Times. >>


>> I must also thank The Lady's one-time editor Rachel Johnson for giving me my first stargazing media gig, hiring me as the magazine's weekly astrologer - the first in its then 125-year history.  New York-based astrologer Eric Francis was also a godsend with his advice on sun sign media astrology. In 2012 I was awarded a diploma with distinction in astrology (natal & mundane) from the Mayo School of Astrology.


Based in the UK, I like to produce written reports for clients. But I am also happy to talk with you on the phone or video Skype. And chart readings can be recorded on audio file for emailing, or on disc if you prefer. Take a look at my online shop. And if you have any questions, contact me via the form on the contact page.


Thanks for reading.

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