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"It is better to understand, appraise, appreciate, than to ridicule, belittle, depreciate; better to see the good points than the bad; better to see the agreements more than the differences; better to make peace than war."


Bhagavan Das, The Essential Unity of all Religions

"If I heard talk of ghosts walking or prognostications of future events, of enchantments or sorceries, or some other tale I could not swallow, I would pity the poor people who were taken in by such nonsense. And now I find that I was at least as much to be pitied myself.... There is no more patent folly than to reduce these things to the measure of our own power and capacity."


Montaigne, Essays


"The zodiac wheel shows our balances and imbalances very clearly. Even sceptics who have their chart drawn up and interpreted by a first rate astrologer are often amazed by the insights on offer. Dismiss it as coincidence if you like, but if turns out to be a help, who cares why it works?


"This is really the point. We need all the help we can get in the modern world, and while I am not a therapy slut, seeking thrills at any booth, I am open minded enough to reckon that if something seems to work, I'll take it seriously."


Vogue, click here to read in full


Jeanette Winterson on astrology

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