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Astrology of the Queen

By victorolliver, Apr 22 2016 05:59PM

First published in The Lady magazine:, reproduced by kind permission

The Queen’s horoscope confirms so much of what we know of her already, but it also sheds intriguing light on areas normally hidden even from assiduous royal biographers. Is it a matter of ‘fate’ that she should have reached the age of 90, is Britain’s longest reigning monarch, and has enjoyed 68 years of marriage to Prince Philip?

Born 21 April 1926, the Queen has the dependability, quiet determination and charm associated with her Sun sign Taurus. But longevity is bestowed (as potential) on her by a very prominent Saturn which in astrology represents authority, responsibility and long life. At the time of her birth (2:40 am, London), Capricorn was rising on the eastern horizon, and this sign is ruled by Saturn. And Saturn itself in her chart is almost on the same spot as her ‘public life point’, called the Midheaven. So, her adherence to tradition and protocol is not just part of the job, it is integral to her nature. This explains her cool, no-nonsense exterior and dignity.

Supporting this monolithic image is her lionhearted Moon in Leo – the sign of theatre and exuberance. Emotionally she is set up both to be centre of attention and to entertain on a grand scale. This Moon also has a comic side – suggested by the Queen’s reported private gift for irreverent mimicry.

An essentially romantic nature is assured by Venus (planet of relationships) in Pisces (sign of imagination). She is dreamier, needier, than perhaps we can ever know. But her Venus is a ‘happy’ one because it forms a helpful angular link to Pluto: through love she is transformed, and marriage is for keeps, whatever obstacles faced. Incidentally, Prince Philip’s Venus is close to the Queen’s Sun, and he shares her rising sign in Capricorn: so their romantic, social and public life domains are mutually supportive. This was always going to be a long-term, quite passionate union.

Will the Queen ever abdicate? Most unlikely, given this chart, though she will continue to delegate. If anything her popularity rises this year as lucky Jupiter moves towards the top of her horoscope, refreshing her profile. With progressed Venus (ruling Taurus) sharing the cosmic stage with her progressed rising point, there is if anything every indication of a personal resurgence.

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