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Obama's re-election: how astrology predicted this

By victorolliver, Jan 21 2013 04:22PM

As President Barack Obama is inaugurated a second time, I am republishing my astrological prediction of November 2 2012 of his re-election:

Elections, astrologically, are a nightmare challenge to call and the imminent US Election is particularly complex (actually, not just astrologically). The wise stargazers sit on the fence - the Mail's Jonathan Cainer has declared that the result will be unambiguous - but declines to say which candidate will win. Marjorie Orr (though seeming to back Romney) announces that election forecasting is too tricky.

Both are probably right - to watch their backs. I, however, put caution to the wind.

Barack Obama is a Leo, born August 4, 1961, 7.24pm, in Honolulu. Mitt Romney is a Pisces, born March 12, 1947, 9.51am, in Detroit, Michigan.

Having examined the birth charts of Obama and Romney, and the transits for election day November 6, 2012, and for Inauguration Day January 20, 2013, I have reached the conclusion that Obama will be re-elected. Those who prefer Romney may take comfort that both charts are pretty dire and that there's little to indicate a decisive victory, astrologically. I have based my forecast decision on just a handful of aspects as clinchers.

Non-astrologers may have already read enough. Those interested in astrology may want to read on....

For election day itself, the transits of both men's charts lack an obvious winner. But on November 6, Obama's tr Moon is in Leo conjunct his ruler Sun and Mercury (in the 6th) - a good omen for group efforts and the support of women in particular. Obama's progressions look favourable on this day, with P Mercury sextile North Node, P Venus sextile Venus and P Pluto sextile Neptune, among others.

There are plenty of negative aspects to spoil the day, however; not least Mercury stationing retrograde which at the very least could suggest a slim victory or even controversy over the result. I shouldn't be surprised if there are technical hitches or legal tussles.

Romney's transits for November 6 are especially grim in my view: his ruler tr Neptune, though at the top of his chart, squares his natal ascendant, an ego-denying aspect and not the sort of thing you expect to see in a winning chart. Nor do I like tr Moon conjunct natal Saturn in his 3rd house of communications: a sign of possible depression or isolation.

I have also looked at the transits for Inauguration Day, January 20, 2013. This perhaps offers a clearer picture. In Obama's chart, tr Sun (conjunct tr Mercury) is conjunct natal Jupiter in the 12th: a sign of optimism, positivity and expansion. This to me is the clincher (famous last words?). But it's not all bad news for Romney on this day. His tr Jupiter is trine Midheaven, a plus indicator for career and status, but an aspect inferior to Obama's Sun-Jupiter conjunction. And Romney's ruler Neptune is still square ascendant.

So, there we have it. Republicans should take heart that a fair number of reputable astrologers think Romney's got it in the bag. You'll have to Google them.

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