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Your 2016: a brief guide by sign

By victorolliver, Jan 3 2016 03:02PM

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March 21-April 20

Health continues to preoccupy, and the great news is that the more you strive to improve diet/exercise/life balance, the better you’ll feel in 2016. Sense of personal power is growing, so do watch your step around April and October when sparks could fly with bosses or ‘authority’. If you can channel immense energy into patient calculation (not always your strong point!) this is likely to be a great year for career and status. From September anytime onwards, a special someone can transform your life – romantically or professionally.


April 21-May 21

Money is the big issue of 2016 because wealth determines how far you can go to realise a dream – you are applying a surprisingly cool eye to shared or partnership resources or to borrowings. Same with certain relationships: whatever’s no longer working is more likely to be ‘shredded’. An urge to stamp your passion on the world dominates 2016. On the quiet, you’re very keen to shake-up your life… and it’s entirely possible that one restriction is successfully challenged.


May 22-June 21

A ‘revolution’ is underway in the family area. Many of you will be making a residential move or major changes to a home in 2016 – and this is all for the better in August, November or December. Meanwhile one area of your life requires you to (shock horrors!) make a commitment and take on more responsibility – this could be for business or romantic progress. Careerists among you should look to March for a promotion while August suggests cash improvement linked to the home.


June 22-July 22

You’re at the realisation that hiding away under that crab shell is not going to get you places very fast. So, 2016 will be a very social year when you’re expanding your circle of friends and acquaintances. Erratic developments at work continue to unsettle you: April could be a month when you fly to a new workplace (or assume new duties) – and/or October is a month when you could break through a glass ceiling, thanks to allies. From September (for about a year), home/family improvements can be expected.


July 23-August 23

At last there’s the real possibility of making material gains, and March and October are especially well starred for income growth and/or business development. Much effort will be put into striving to do whatever expresses a personal passion - be this artistic or hobbyist - and success is indicated. Leos in general will be taking many more breaks from routine life; and your natal can-do spirit will reign as you set out to leave behind whatever feels like life-clutter. From September, social life picks up.


August 24-September 23

Quite a few of your friends are wondering whether you’re having a personality ‘re-assignment’ as you display much greater boldness in breaking into a new territory, whatever that is. While this is ongoing, June is great for career; and August is marked for a personal break-through – which could be to do with travel or education. The home area continues to draw out your rigorous, practical side, with the likelihood of domestic tensions at times. Your laudable intention to solidify the material security of loved ones is a winner.


September 24-October 23

An odd feature of much of 2016 is the extent to which circumstances ask you to be discreet or even secretive: so much can be achieved through whispers and behind closed doors, so relax that showbiz side of your personality! From June, life gets a lot more active - an ‘adventure’ is likely, which could be a travel trip or new study. From September, there’s a sense of ‘rebirth’ when more doors open to you; but it would be folly to forget lessons learnt in the past year. Maintain a big heart.


October 24-November 22

The challenge this year is somehow to maintain a diplomatic façade while trying to rein in strong impulses to be obnoxiously assertive. Much can be gained in February-March provided that you don’t over-play your hand. It’s more like you to be guileful or crafty, and that’s precisely what you must be if you wish to make progress – in May especially. From September, life benefits are more likely to accrue from altruistic endeavours – yet a past ‘lost’ opportunity could reappear, giving you a second chance to make good.


November 23-December 21

Gregarious though you are, the inner climate remains very sober indeed as you examine with greater determination many areas of your life – you’re keen to move on from any situation that is now redundant. February, July and August are key months of change, in the career area especially, where you’re re-motivated to take on new work that’s (i) ground-breaking and (ii) more in keeping with personal ambitions. From September, business networking or benevolent work begins to assume a greater role in your success.


December 22-January 20

Yes, for many Cappies, sundry restrictions will have been most irksome in recent times. 2016 is a year of some kind of liberation, though whether this is through study, travel, work or a new life perspective only you can discover. Pertinent to this, July to September is the phase to watch for opportunity or just fortuitous turn of events. From September, career or status-improving positive vibes descend on you, and for the next year or two, expect significant developments which can take you to new places.


January 21-February 19

In 2016 you’re putting much more energy than usual into cultivating allies likely to be of use to your business or altruistic interests – and why not? Socially, this is a highly expansive year when new bonds or partners may prove to be both profitable and emotionally satisfying. April will be a bit stormy as you give the heave-ho to someone or something – just try to be fair and avoid impulse talk/kicking. From September onwards, a new, larger world beckons, and many of you will be looking overseas for new inspiration.


February 20-March 20

A new friend of ‘benefactor’ is proving to be most useful as you enter 2016 – the good news is that this influence is set to continue. Much good fortune can be expected through display of charm and diplomacy because till September you have the happy habit of interesting the right people – indeed, February and April, November and December are hotspots for career advancement. From September, the material returns from new associations are more likely to be forthcoming – and any strong relationship is likely to move to the next stage.

Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2016 by Victor Olliver is now available on Amazon (paperback/kindle)

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