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Your 2017 horoscope

By victorolliver, Jan 5 2017 03:30PM

Your 2017 (first published in The Lady magazine)


March 21-April 20

‘Major makeover’ sums up the first half of 2017 with Venus (planet of style) in your sign for ages, from February to June. Life urges a refinement of appearance that stylishly tells the world about the real you - and this ‘repackaging’ builds your professional or social allure from mid-April onwards. Popularity also is under happy stars - many of you this year will find a new partner, business or intimate. A career reward is due in December - if you’ve toiled hard.


April 21-May 21

Choices are a luxury - and believe me, you really do have many. Problem is, you may not be entirely certain what or who you want. Make the most of the first half of 2017 to reflect and assess the past in helping you make a decision. From June, it’s rebirth-time as ruler Venus brings pizzazz back to life. From October, social life really does step up, and a one-year phase commences in which new professional contacts and team-work are the hallmark.


May 22-June 21

2017 starts in the midst of a personal renaissance - if you’re not aware of this yet, you will be! This creative reverie jars somewhat with the rather severe approach you’ve taken to certain people in your circle throughout 2016, but it’s important to weed out those who are unreliable fair-weather allies. This trend continues in 2017, but from April onwards you’ll have a better sense of whom to trust. From October, a project enters a fulfilling phase in which attention to detail is rewarded.


June 22-July 22

If 2016 brought certain work-day or health problems to light, be confident that a solution is found, if not already then certainly in 2017. This development is tied to domestic life, and though it may not necessarily feel like it right now, something very constructive is emerging in the home or family. Professional bonds are being tested yet from April you gain a stronger sense of how valued you are. And from October, you embark on a long phase of personal and creative growth.


July 23-August 23

You seek diversion - a metaphorical amuse-bouche (or ‘mouth-amuser’) to refresh a jaded appetite. Yes, you think you’ve seen it all. Except that you have not. Venus stirs up your spirit of adventure. By June, then, you have quite a different idea of fun from that of 2016! This could be to do with love, travel or intellectual stimulation. 2017 has a feeling of ‘education’ about it, you’re learning the ropes - and some of you may move home late in the year.


August 24-September 23

How sweet is your 2017 chart: friendship, parties and potential new loves. A major theme of the first half of the year is your pursuit of a heart’s desire, animal, mineral or vegetable! But is he/she/it affordable? You may, for instance, desire a new home but not until April-June will you know whether it’s within your means. Saturn ensures that you must stay real over resources, though ‘lucky’ Jupiter up to September can grant a material wish if limits are respected.


September 24-October 23

Fickleness has made you notorious. And 2017 will confirm to many people your tendency to dally, tease, promise, tickle - and then dump! What’s really happening is that you’re processing people’s value to you but doing it with an ever-deceptive smile. This may apply to business, too: you’re seeking the truth behind the puff for a guaranteed profit margin. Much of this year brings opportunities for amazing self-growth; and September-October sets you up for a financial advantage in later 2017 or 2018.


October 24-November 22

This is a year of two halves. January to June, there’s a build up towards a big change in your work or home life, either in the people around you or in daily routines. Something desired requires you to ‘travel’ lighter; and in May, a sudden decision helps make this so. July to December, the sense since 2016 of a behind-the-scenes preparation is proved worthwhile, especially around October-time when prosperous Jupiter enters your sign. The struggle has been worth it.


November 23-December 21

If in the last year or you’ve been ‘playing’ someone or at something, the long Venus retrograde in the first half of 2017 impels you to get serious, because this could be the start of something momentous. What is ‘this’? Love? Work? Possibly; but in general, whatever expresses your heart. Ruler Jupiter has made you popular with like-minded groups since 2016, and this continues till October when good fortune turns to inward reflection: get thee to a spa for spiritual workouts.


December 22-January 20

An ongoing sharp awareness of the past means you’re less likely to repeat follies of old; and that’s worth celebration. Rarely has a year promised so much in terms of inner muscle for whatever must be addressed. The home or family sphere is a source of greater satisfaction because Venus is presenting you with options. From June, you are freer to devote more energy to ‘me-time’. Despite some angst, your career is on the up; and from September, business really can start to boom.


January 21-February 19

Normally you welcome all-sorts to your world, yet in the phase to June, you decide that if life (as you know it) won’t seek you, you will truffle it out. Plainly, you need the company of fellow-travellers; people who are on your wave-length (not nay-saying nits) for creative success; and by late May you’re firing on all your pioneering cylinders. Career is likely to be the beneficiary of this social realignment, particularly from October, even if Saturn insists you check out parasites among newcomers.


February 20-March 20

Winning the Lottery cannot be assured, but the next best thing can be: a greater willingness in you to do your damndest (finally!) to get your money situation in order. The impulse may arise from the longings of window shopping, but Venus gives you a long period to June to make the most of business or other opportunity. To September, co-ruler Jupiter helps you to win the goodwill of partners, while an event in late 2017 invites hard work if glory is sought.

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